Adan Hotel

The history behind Ardan Hotel

Ardan Hotel Bandung opened its doors in winter 2014, occupying a lovingly building in Bandung city. The property stands at the ecological and cultural crossroads of town, a meeting place for influencers, creative's and cultures from around the world. Masterfully combined with impeccable service in the name of functionality.

At first sight, with red pillars soaring above the entrance, our boutique, downtown Ardan Hotel transports you to a world of beauty, grace and comfort. Step inside and our vibrant décor, classically beautiful architecture and welcoming staff ignite your senses to the lively energy and luxuries about to unfold. Ardan Hotel has quickly become an icon in the busy west Bandung it occupies. Our property and surrounding area are steeped in local heritage and culture, It is infused with both a rich history and dazzling newness, making it the perfect stop for travelers who appreciate fine beauty and quality, but who hunger for new experiences and sensual pleasures. Our vision are being the most comfort hotel in city its reflected from our timeless location to the benchmark Balaikota Park, from our signature wine hour to extraordinary meeting spaces that set the stage for your unforgettable event, Ardan Hotel is truly a trendsetting classic that speaks to all of your senses.