Adan Hotel

General Manager


Founded in 2014 , Ardan Hotel is a simply comfort hotel with 51 bedrooms, 9 newly designed junior suites and a 42 deluxe bedroom. The Hotel is just a short drive away from the shoping centre and many tourist attractions.

I would like to introduce you to our management team here below.

Sales Marketing Manager

Ade Homsah

I love showing Cihampelas Walk my family from out of town when they visit from Bandung, it is such an iconic shopping centre that is just a few meters stroll away from our hotel.

Distance from Ardan Hotel : 15 minutes walk.

Human Resource Manager

This grand complex was formerly used as the head quarters for the Dutch Indies Government Companies and is now used as office space for the governor of West Java, as well as being home to the provincial House of Representatives.

Distance from Ardan Hotel : 5 minutes driving

FO Supervisor

Sandy Nughraha

A great history mosque, Mesjid Raya Bandung is build in 1810 located in the heart of Bandung city, have many important role in religion event.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 20 minutes driving.

General Manager Secretary

Wina Linajar

Juanda National Park is located on the north of Bandung. It's easy to achieve there. Ride to north side of Dago (Ir. Juanda) Street and there has many signs to achieve it.

There has several ways to enter the Taman Hutan Dago. But only 2 primary gates. The first gate has a large parking lot, so you can park your vehicle there and then you enter the ticketing gate. The second gate, your vehicle allowed to enter the location.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 20 minutes driving.

Chief Accounting

Yunani Setyaningsih

Asia Africa Conference Museum remembers how the Asian-African Conference helped to promote both the cultural and economical relations between the two nations, this is a great place to visit for presents when visiting Bandung.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 20 minutes driving.

Human Resource

Rachel Gandawijaya

The street divide Bandung city in two section; North of Bandung and South of Bandung. It was named after the Asia-Afrika conference which was held in Bandung back in the 1950s. Asia Afrika street is the part of Grote Postweg. The Grote Postweg (The Great Post Road) was constructed in 1808, as order of Governor General Daendles, with more than 1,000 km long and connected the westernmost of Java Island, Anyer with the easternmost of Java Island, Panarukan.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 20 minutes driving.

HK Supervisor


These attractions are so usual for me, so I want to explore it more. When you go further, you will find Japanese Cave and Dutch Cave. Japanese Cave is the nearest. This cave has some entrance which interconnected inside. The cave is dead-end and so dark. The path is so rocky and uneven wall surfaces, so we must be careful when we walked in.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 30 minutes driving.

Sales & Marketing

Ade Homsah

105,9 FM Ardan Radio, Bandung, Indonesia The best radio station for teens
You can catch up all the news and the latest music And Tons of Entertainment
Stay Cool and Lovely ARDAN Bring It On!!!

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 10 minutes driving.

Food & Beverage Manager

Agus Faisal

Museum Pos Indonesia is located in the same block as Gedung Sate and the building itself was completed in 1920, then turned into a museum named Museum Post Telegraph and Telephones, in 1931. The government of Indonesia changed the name to Museum Pos dan Giro (Postal Museum) in 1983 and later changed the name to Museum Pos Indonesia (Indonesia Postal Museum) in 1995.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 10 minutes driving.

Engineering Coordinator

Cerry Agustiana

The Bandung Geology museum is the biggest and most complete museum in Indonesia of its kind. inspiring and uplifting, I am spoilt as we are so close, I can easily visit it in my lunch break.

Distance from Ardan Hotel: 15 minutes driving.